Prayer List

Please pray for all the people on our Prayer List who are battling cancer, especially:

Lew Arsenault,   Dan Ater,   Debbie Boardman,  Jeanne Duso Boudot,  Jana Brocco,  Gary Bryant,  Rick Carson,  Karen Carter,   Sam Castimore,   Ginny Chudoba,   Candice Coleman,   Sharon Cromer,    Joe Crothers,  Janet Dehart,  Barbara Dinning,   Maryanne Doherty,  Jerry Eby,  Chaplain Tom Farley,  Tiffany Fisher,   Pastor Bill Grant,   Margaret Groce,   Remi Gunn,   Marilyn Hankins,  Warren Harp,   Rose Hennessey,   Morris Hoagland,   Betty James,  Rita Jacobs,   Bob Kinsey,  Donnie Knight ,   Larry Lederman,   Rox Liles,  Ricky Macomber,   Nelson Malin,   Wilma Mattuci,  Joyceann McClelland,    Donna McIvor,   Mira McKnight,   Mrs. Miller,  Frank Mirahmadi,   Lalya Mosley,   Corey Murphy,    Pierre Noel,  Shari Okusko,   Jay O’Neil,  John Panetta,   Dee Parsons,   Leigh Raymer,   Robyn Rembleski,  Daren Richner,   Taila Kapo Rinski,   Del Smart,   Elaina Storlazi,    Doug Stringer,   Beverley Sweeney ,   Jack Taylor,  Carrie Thompson,   Gary Tyron,   Butch Ward,   Fred Ward   Sr.,  Roland Wardel,   Alice Wardman,  Evan Wellwood,  Marty Woebkenberg,    Joyce Zeasapolowski

These friends are also in need of our ongoing prayers:

Joe Adamsky,   Jason Apperti,   Jordan Aracena,   Chaplain Kelly Blanton,  Gary Bennett,  Peter Blood,   Marilyn Bondon,  Danny Breton,   Gaetane Breton,  Kevin Burns,  Mary Burton,  Carol Ann Case,    Thelma Chrisman,  Joan Collins,  Anthony Coletta,  Bev Crane,   Karen Crothers,   Dale,     Dennis Drenth,    Jeff Frizzell,   Sylvain Gagnon,  Greg Gehman,   Dr. Howard Gill,  Bob Goth,  Barbara and Brent Graham,    Debbie Gray,  Sherie Hankins,   Bob Hilliard,  Bob Jones,   Doug Haskell,   Nancy Haskell,  Ruby Hensley,  Miguel Hernandez,  Paul and Mrs. Hershey,  Carol Heusinkveld,  Jerry Hissam,     John Hostler,  Jesse Hughes,  Don James,  Kenny Kane,   Barbara Kinsey,   Thelma Klark,   Michael Klark,   Larry Lawter,   Sam Lilli,    Katherine Lonager,  Billy Long,   Sharon Lowell, Faye Mackey, Joanne Maiorca,     Pedro Martinez, Jr.,  Melissa MacNeill,  Kaye McDonnell,   Melissa McKee,   Dean Miller,  Raymond Miller,  Nancy Miner,   Gordon Murphy,   Margaret Nields,  Bill Parker,  Elaine Parlin,   Ronnie Parker,  Waverly Parsons,  Susan Parks,  Aaron Petternel,  Rita Polese,  Joanne Ranger,  Donnie Richards,   Lori Romanetti,   Gerald Russell,  Tori Scott,   Madisyn Smith,  Brad Strawser,   Lee Anne Taylor,  Marsh Townley,   Lorraine Truitt,  Mel Turcott,     Justin Vance,   Max Walton ,   Steve Warner,  Greggie Welch, Jr.

Please try to keep me updated about the people on our prayer list.

Please pray for those serving in the military,   especially Joshua Hankins,    Yann Lamiqu ,   Chris Petrullo    and    Elizabeth Welch

Special Intentions for this month:

Bo Bullock had surgery on his liver.

Emma Cleeb, 3, has ulcerative colitis.

Mary Clements had a few small heart attacks.

Betty Crouse had a knee replaced. Now, even with follow up surgery, the knee cap keeps slipping.

Kaleb Deshetsky suffered a mild concussion.

Bob Ford has cancer.

Bobbie Grissom broke her neck galloping at Turf Paradise.

Louise Kranz is not feeling well.

John Haines has been diagnosed with leukemia.

Ann MacNeill’s dad is hospitalized with heart  issues. Please pray for his salvation.

Karla MacNeill just started her 5 weeks of radiation treatments.

Melissa K. Melissa is in need of emotional healing.

Sophia Oaks had cancer surgery.

Dr Mark Philips had a horse flip on him breaking a couple of vertebrae. Now the vertebrae are infected.

Daniel Reed is suffering with complications from a car wreck.

Lisa Yanak has breast cancer.

Let’s pray for all those who have lost loved ones.