CHHA at The Jug

Jug Prayer Breakfast 2015

Jug Prayer Breakfast

What a great experience we had at the Little Brown Jug this week. Meeting up with old friends and making new ones. God blessed us with perfect weather, good racing and the setting of new world records. To top it all off we fulfilled the CHHA mission. God’s name was praised at our prayer breakfast and all around the fairgrounds.

Promoting harness racing in a positive light is also part of the CHHA mission. We were fortunate that Columbus Dispatch reporter, Dean Narciso and cameramen Doral Chenoweth and Adam Cairns followed me around. God evidently was pushing them to feature the racetrack chaplain in their Jug reporting. As Sam McKee said, “Some divine intervention is not a bad thing.” God led us to Jenny and Brian Brown’s Stable where Melinda Bailey welcomed us to video her very well behaved horses.