Huge Praise Report

Jim Shasteen

Jim Shasteen

After 16 years of not hearing anything or knowing how to get in touch with my 41 year old son, we connected just about an hour ago!! He and his wife are Born Again Believers now, and I have 3 grandchildren whom I have not even seen!

God is restoring the years the enemy has taken away! I believe Pastor Jason or Pastor Phil said something like that last week or this week. I am at a loss for words. Praise the name of Jesus! This is also an answer to years of prayer. God is faithful – A true miracle! We serve an awesome God! God can do this and greater things in all lives! I had given up, but God did not!  He loves us so!!

As a former caretaker of Standardbreds for my father and Gene Riegle in 1970-71, I can attest to the fact that Jesus can take a life like mine, that was filled with the wrong things, and make the changes when all the trying on my part failed.  It doesn’t matter what we may have done in the past, Jesus Christ makes all things new.

Our part is to submit. Give Jesus a chance to change your life.

Blessings to all the folks in the harness racing industry,

Jim Shasteen

from Washington CH, OH, living in Oak Ridge, TN