2016 Scholarship Recipients

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Three Christian Harness Horsemen’s Association scholars have been awarded scholarships for the 2015 – 2016 school year.
Thomas Wine was awarded CHHA’s John and Janet Klark Memorial Scholarship for his studies at Florida Atlantic University. Johnathan Hallett was awarded CHHA’s Rambling Willie Scholarship for his studies at the University of Central Florida. Michelle Thompson was awarded CHHA’s Weldon and Nancy Stockwell Memorial Scholarship. She will continue her studies at the University of Guelph in Ontario.

CHHA members stepped forward to extol the merits of these fine students.

Tee Wine and Straight Priority

Tee Wine and Straight Priority

From John Berry of the Isle Pompano Park Raceway…

I am pleased to write this communique’ on behalf of this extolling young man’s character.

I have known young Tom for several years, having met him, I believe, in 2010, as his parents operated a Standardbred racing stable here at Pompano Park.

I have witnessed his growing from a young lad to a responsible, reliable young man with high intelligence coupled with exceptionally high morals and ethics, which, I believe, have become rather rare in this day and age.

Having personally witnessed his exceptional work ethic, his willingness to learn and achieve, your organization would be well served to award a scholarship to this extraordinary young man enabling your organization to obtain future “bragging rights” as he becomes a successful and honorable citizen serving this future world in an exemplary manner.

From Bruce Ranger, Driver/Trainer…

Johnathan Hallett

Johnathan Hallett

I have known Johnathan and his sister since they were toddlers. His parents are stabled right in back of me and are hardworking horsemen. They have two of the nicest kids. I see Johnathan when he comes to the barn to help his mom and dad. He is clean-cut, quiet and polite and wants to be a doctor.
Joahnathan keeps himself very busy at school and with his volunteer activities. He has been a member of the National Honor Society the last two years. I understand he will graduate with a 4.93 GPA. He volunteers for Let’s Keep It Together, an organization that visits nursing homes with minis and for another program that uses horses to help the handicapped.

Johnathan is a member of a local Baptist church and active in their Thursday night Youth Group.

In Johnathon you will find a young man who will make you proud you helped him. Please consider giving him a CHHA scholarship.

From Jackie Warner of Grand River Raceway…

Michelle Thompson

Michelle Thompson

I have worked with Michelle at several Grand River Raceway events. She often assists Kelly Spencer, Grand River Marketing Manager, for special promotions.

My observations are as follows:

Michelle is enthusiastic. She is passionate about horse racing. She has outstanding public relations skills.

Michelle is proactive and takes initiative. She is an athletic and high energy person. Michelle is a delightful person to work with.

Kelly Spencer says, “I’ve hired Michelle on numerous occasions to wear the track mascot outfit and assume the role for our large events.

Her high energy and wonderful attitude are consistently excellent. She is, in a few words, a lovely young lady with a bright future rooted in good family values and an atmosphere of caring and achievement.”

Against all odds – Racing for Christ – Moshannon Mojo

Against all odds – Racing for Christ – Moshannon Mojo

Moshannon Mojo is Racing for Christ

Moshannon Mojo is Racing for Christ

The phone rang at 5AM. Never a good sign. It was our groom, Teddy. Something was very wrong with Mojo. He didn’t know what, but he knew she was not in good shape. Teddy was very experienced, and Ray knew it wasn’t good. Ray called the vet on call and left for the track. The vet arrived and thought she was having a bout of colic and treated her. Ray wasn’t convinced and never left Mojo’s side. By 9AM Mojo had gotten worse. Ray called our regular vet and asked her to come right away. She walked into the stall and within 2 minutes told Ray to get her on the trailer and out to OSU. She was positive it was botulism.

Ray immediately left for OSU, almost a 3 hour drive. By the time Ray arrived, Mojo was in very bad shape, barely able to stand. The admitting vet prepared us for the worst, it was indeed Botulism.

Moshannon Mojo

Moshannon Mojo at OSU

For one week, it was touch and go. We received updates twice daily from OSU. She was very sick but fighting to live. We made two trips out to see her, letting her know we were there. For almost a week, she never stood up, not a good sign. Late one evening a phone call came in from OSU, my heart sunk fearing the worst; however, it was just the opposite -Mojo had gotten up on her own! Several days later, once she could eat on her own, they released her. With bed sores on both hips and face (the scars still remain to this day) and only weighing 750 pounds, we knew she probably would never race again. However, in true Mojo fashion, she would prove us wrong!

Ray and I bred Mojo and raised her. Mojo was the smallest horse that we had ever had make it to the races. She stands only 14 hands high. From the first time she hit the track she thought that she was the toughest horse out there. She has the heart of a world champion, but so small in stature that competing is tough. She gives 150% every time she races. Her groom says she has the smallest feet he has ever seen for a racehorse! She is the smallest horse racing at The Meadows today and continues to bring joy to everyone she comes in contact with and usually a paycheck just about every time she races.

For Ray and me, there was no better horse to enter into CHHA’s Racing for Christ program. This little girl was truly a gift from God! We have since entered her full sister, Moshannon Motown, into Racing for Christ as well.

There is no better way to support the work of CHHA and its ministry to horsemen. You can pledge any amount and keep the outstanding work of CHHA in full swing. We hope you will join us in making a pledge today! Take me to the Racing for Christ page.

Ray and Lori Romanetti

What’s Amazing?

What’s Amazing?

This earth we live on is pretty amazing. Systems work in harmony fostering conditions to promote various forms of life. The Harness horse led by harness trainerworld rotates around the sun exposing each section in its turn to allow for growth, light, heat and other resources. Water, earth, minerals and vegetation work in a variety of ways to provide for life on earth.

The human body is amazing too. Just think about our skeletal, cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, immune and other systems sending signals back and forth.

God’s grace is even more amazing than anything we will find on earth. “God is able to make every grace abundant for you, so that in all things, always having all you need, you may have an abundance for every good work” (2 Corinthians 9:8). God knows just what we need when we need it and is ready to bless us if we are ready to accept the blessings. Remember, God created the earth, the humans and all of life.

Have you ever felt like your ship was sinking like sailor John Newton who wrote Amazing Grace? Perhaps you were really stressed out struggling to pay the mortgage and the mountain of credit card bills. Then you had to miss work to care for a sick child or parent, causing problems in the office or the shed row. In the midst of this, the horse you raised is in to go.

Grateful for the kindness of faithful friends keeping vigil with the sick, you race to the track. Dashing to the rail, you watch your filly make it to the top in the first turn. She sets a decent pace, keeping the horses together until the half. Then the favorite pulls out. You are neck and neck. Your pride and joy looks the contender in the eye and pulls away. In the winner’s circle you are showered with congratulations from your co-workers and are gratified to hear from them that everything worked out fine. Then in three days you pick up a nice check from the bookkeeper. You are down to the wire on the bills, but the extra 10 days grace period keeps you from foreclosure and losing your credit. You have not fallen from grace after all.

With your trophy comes a meal in the clubhouse–gratis. Bowing your head in thanksgiving, you realize God has showered much grace upon you. God’s grace is amazing! Do we take time to realize the source of our blessings?

Grace is mentioned 125 times in the Bible. John tells us “grace and truth came through Jesus Christ” (John 1:17). All the letters in the New Testament extend God’s grace to the communities that received them. Jesus tells Paul “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9).

God is really all we need. God’s grace will see us through every situation. God’s grace assures us who believe a place in paradise for all eternity.

by Chaplain Lee Alphen

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The Liar

The Liar

Lift high the cross allegory

God threw Lucifer, the devil, out of heaven for being jealous of God and wanting to be God (Isaiah 14:12-15, Revelation 20:1-10). This jealous devil prowls the earth trying to ruin us now and forever. He is jealous of us, God’s people, and the love God shows us. In retaliation he spends his time lying to us and trying to lead us astray so we can be miserable like him.

Money, power, possessions, drugs – sneering, Satan dangles them in front of us as prizes that promise happiness. When people listen to Satan, the father of lies, and take the lies to heart, evil spreads, pushing aside God’s love. Satan is so clever, he does a great job of making people think following God is boring and won’t make them happy.

Understanding the scriptures, learning the lessons life teaches and observing how God cares for nature all help us to realize that following the Lord is the one and only road to perfect happiness. Psalm 104 reminds us how God designed His creation and so lovingly provides for it: “O God, how manifold are your works! In wisdom You have made them all; the earth is full of Your creatures. […And] they are filled with good things.”

It was out of love that God brought about the world and everything in it. God created Adam and Eve and gave them a beautiful garden. Because He loved them so much, He “blessed them” (Genesis 1:28) and wanted the best for them. The plan was for them to look after the garden, the animals and everything He made.

Like Adam and Eve, people today, just as people all through the centuries, sometimes don’t trust God. The evil one plants a seed of suspicion that God is a rival out to curtail their freedom. Satan tricks people into thinking that, if they really want to be happy, they have to cast God aside, trusting deceit rather than truth. Satan has even been successful in getting some people to follow in his footsteps (Isaiah 14:12-15). Some think they themselves are gods.

Because He loved Adam and Eve, God warned them about eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God warns us too of the dangers around us. The still small voice of our conscience tries to get our attention when we begin to listen to the voice of evil.

The antidote to evil is love which is God. Our love in the face of evil can make a huge difference in our lives and in our world.

Checking a horse’s head makes the horse hold it high so as not to stumble and fall. Let’s lift high the cross and proclaim the love of Christ so that we don’t stumble either. Then, as the hymn “Lift High the Cross” goes, let’s continue “till all the world adores [God’s] sacred name.”