Against all odds – Racing for Christ – Moshannon Mojo

Moshannon Mojo is Racing for Christ

Moshannon Mojo is Racing for Christ

The phone rang at 5AM. Never a good sign. It was our groom, Teddy. Something was very wrong with Mojo. He didn’t know what, but he knew she was not in good shape. Teddy was very experienced, and Ray knew it wasn’t good. Ray called the vet on call and left for the track. The vet arrived and thought she was having a bout of colic and treated her. Ray wasn’t convinced and never left Mojo’s side. By 9AM Mojo had gotten worse. Ray called our regular vet and asked her to come right away. She walked into the stall and within 2 minutes told Ray to get her on the trailer and out to OSU. She was positive it was botulism.

Ray immediately left for OSU, almost a 3 hour drive. By the time Ray arrived, Mojo was in very bad shape, barely able to stand. The admitting vet prepared us for the worst, it was indeed Botulism.

Moshannon Mojo

Moshannon Mojo at OSU

For one week, it was touch and go. We received updates twice daily from OSU. She was very sick but fighting to live. We made two trips out to see her, letting her know we were there. For almost a week, she never stood up, not a good sign. Late one evening a phone call came in from OSU, my heart sunk fearing the worst; however, it was just the opposite -Mojo had gotten up on her own! Several days later, once she could eat on her own, they released her. With bed sores on both hips and face (the scars still remain to this day) and only weighing 750 pounds, we knew she probably would never race again. However, in true Mojo fashion, she would prove us wrong!

Ray and I bred Mojo and raised her. Mojo was the smallest horse that we had ever had make it to the races. She stands only 14 hands high. From the first time she hit the track she thought that she was the toughest horse out there. She has the heart of a world champion, but so small in stature that competing is tough. She gives 150% every time she races. Her groom says she has the smallest feet he has ever seen for a racehorse! She is the smallest horse racing at The Meadows today and continues to bring joy to everyone she comes in contact with and usually a paycheck just about every time she races.

For Ray and me, there was no better horse to enter into CHHA’s Racing for Christ program. This little girl was truly a gift from God! We have since entered her full sister, Moshannon Motown, into Racing for Christ as well.

There is no better way to support the work of CHHA and its ministry to horsemen. You can pledge any amount and keep the outstanding work of CHHA in full swing. We hope you will join us in making a pledge today! Take me to the Racing for Christ page.

Ray and Lori Romanetti